Projects & Improvments

2023 will be a year of improvement for Conneaut Township Park. Projects slated for this year bring not only a new look and pleasing aesthetics to the park, but improved access and functionality for our visitors.

A huge 'thank you' to all of those who have supported Conneaut Township Park's project and improvement endeavors.

Concession Stand & Bathrooms

October, 2023 will bring the completion of the Concession Stand/Bathrooms project. Boasting significant upgrades to both the bathrooms and concessions stand, the completion of this project has been eagerly anticipated by Conneaut Township Park patrons. While unforeseen circumstances delayed the opening of the concession stand, it is expected that it will be fully operational by May of 2024.

December 2022 marked the end of a decades old park relic that was commonly referred to as the concession stand/bathhouse. Late spring will bring about the completion of a new concession stand and functionally updated bathrooms for park visitors. At a cost of nearly $1,300,000 this new structure has been made possible in part by the citizens of Conneaut and the passage of a park permanent improvement levy in 2020 as well as several state and local grants dedicated to park preservation and improvement.

Bridge Project

Completed in June, 2023 the Conneaut Township Park Bridge Restoration Project was a significant upgrade to the park’s infrastructure. This iconic structure will now assuredly last for many more years providing our patrons, not only with logistical convenience, but it can continue to serve as an aesthetic backdrop for picnics and photos as it has for so many years. The Board of Commissioners would like to extend their gratitude to the citizens of Conneaut as well as Ruth and Anthony DiMare who made a generous donation towards this restoration. Without your support, this would not have been possible.


Built in 1930, this bridge has not only served as a vital connection between the east and west bluffs, but it has also provided the residents of Conneaut with a picturesque backdrop for the picnic and playground areas along Kelsey's Run. It is for this reason that the Park Board has championed the nostalgic restoration of this bridge rather than simply replacing it with a modern design.


Beach Picnic Tables

The Conneaut Township Park Staff is excited to provide these custom built pergola tables for our beach patrons. Relying in part on community grants, it is intended to have up to 8 more of these tables built over the next couple of years.



Phase 3 of the Boardwalk Project is in progress with the application of a Recreation Trails Program Grant. If approved, construction will start in 2024. This phase 3 project will consist of 1,365 ft of Trex boardwalk replacing approximately three quarters of the existing boardwalk on the west end. In addition, the project includes raising the existing iron walk bridge 24” from its current height and the purchase of a rotary powered broom for cleaning.

Phase 4 and 5 will add a new Trex boardwalk from the new concession stand along the bottom of the east bluff to the Port Authority and existing north/south boardwalk and finish replacing the remaining wood boardwalk on the west beach.

By 2022, phase 1 & 2 of the Boardwalk project was completed. Phase 2 project consisted of another 1000 feet of Trex synthetic boardwalk, thus completing the east beach portion of boardwalk at an approximate cost of $60,000. The material cost totaled $47,000. The labor involved, including construction, removal of old boardwalk, and installation of new was done entirely by the staff and crew of Conneaut Township Park. Conneaut Township Park was able to obtain an ODNR Natureworks grant for $35,000 to help offset the cost of this project.