Conneaut Township Park

Ashtabula County, Ohio

Brief History

Conneaut Township

Conneaut Township Park is a park created by state statute and the rules applying thereto, under Section 511.18 ORC. The park is presently governed by a Board of Park Commissioners consisting of three members, each serving three year terms without compensation. Conneaut Township's forefathers had the necessary vision and foresight to create a Township Park District under state law which was approved in the general election on November 2, 1926. The Park sold Bonds and raised the necessary money to purchase the land for approximately $61,000.00. At that time in 1926, the park was in a very natural unimproved state. The park was initially purchased, and has been improved and maintained to what it is today, through tax levies passed by the citizens of Conneaut. The park is a garden spot with the most beautiful view of Lake Erie, Conneaut's harbor and lighthouse that you could possibly ever imagine. It is the spot on Lake Erie for enjoying all types of sports, water activities, picnicking, and communicating with nature for people of all ages. It truly is Conneaut's diamond on the lake. The Board of Park Commissioners welcomes all to come and visit Conneaut and its beautiful park.


About half of Conneaut Township Park's acres are comprised of sand that has collected on the west side of Conneaut Harbor's west breakwater. The harbor's 0.3-mile long southern breakwater marks the east side of the beach. Sand covers all but the northern 600 feet of the breakwater, which is used for fishing access.


The nearly 60-acre Conneaut Township Park is on land north of State Route 531 (Lake Road) from the Chestnut Street intersection east to Lake Bluff Way. The park has numerous parking lots including lots off of the Chestnut Street Extension, and Grove Street's north terminus which loops the southeast corner of the park.